torstai 21. tammikuuta 2016

Ympäristöliike 2. kerta: Luonnonmullistuksia ja tulevaisuuden toiveita

Nature will take its course

The tide roles in, the tide roles out
None of this, will lead to nowt

The flood came and swept me away
My body was numb
Like a rag doll, I was thrown around

The volcano came to life
Roaring and screaming was ever present
I didn't understand what it wanted
It seamed to be so unreal

The wind came and softly blew
Swaying as leaves we were
Light as feathers
The wind turned into storm 
None of us, knew what was to come

What could we do, but surrender
Nature had taken over
We were all at the mercy of God

All of a sudden there was stillness
It was all over
We had made it
We were all still alive
And better yet, things had changed
There was light and love
A great sense of gratitude was present

Gratitude, towards life itself.


Valokuva: Sari Palmgren

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